Lin YuTang ChineseEnglish Bilingual Edition / Dream Shadows幽夢影

Author:Lin YuTang

YuTang Chinese-English Bilingual Edition / Dream Shadows 幽夢影 Cheng Chao i...more

Lin YuTang ChineseEnglish Bilingual Edition /The Wisdom of Confucius(1)孔子的智慧(上)

Author:Lin YuTang

Lin YuTang Chinese-English Bilingual Edition /The Wisdom of Confucius (1)孔子的...more

Oh! My Guide! 吃喝玩樂學華語

Author:舒兆民、陳懷萱 黃琡華、林家盈

 “OH! MY GUIDE! 吃喝玩樂學華語” plans the framework of the teach...more

Oh! My Guide! 臺灣超好玩


1.    The first travel guide that combines learning Chinese as a s...more

看報學中文:Reading Chinese News

Author:許英英 Hsu Ying-Ying

After learning Chinese for so long, are you still worrying about reading the news...more


Author:吳品嬅、林梅琪 馬偉怡、張美玲 黃凱筠、詹岡瑋 廖育勤、劉玉婷

 Language and culture are inextricably connected and when foreign students a...more


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