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FAQ  【Membership Questions】 【Purchase and Payment Questions
1.How can I become a member?

It is absolutely FREE to be a member of CCBC. Here is how:
Step1. Click on "Member Register" at the upper right corner of our webpage.
Step2. Fill out your information.
Step3. After submission, CCBC will send a confirmation email to notify you of your membership status.Please check your email and trash folder for confirmation email.
2.What are the membership benefits?

1.Member can take 25% discount during the birthday month.(Note:Not to be combined with other promotional offers or discount.)
2.To be able to participate in member-only events.

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3.What if I forget my login name or password?

Click on the ‘Reset login/Password’ button at the CCBC Homepage and follow the instruction. Our system will generate an email with your login name and password information and send to your email address. Please make sure the email address entered here is the same as the one you used at member registration.

4.What if I need to make changes on my personal profile?

To update your personnel information, simply login to CCBC Bookstore, and click on the ‘Information Update’ button under Member Login which is located at the right side of our homepage.

5.Do I have to be a member to shop at CCBC?
You can still shop at CCBC and get 10% discount. You just won’t be able to receive your personnel membership benefit in this purchase.
【Buy and payment】
6. How do I buy books in CCBC Bookstore?
Setp1. Select desire products and place them in the shopping cart.
Setp2. Confirm you shopping list.
Setp3. Enter recipient information and wait for your purchase confirmation. As shipping charges will be calculated based on your location/country, we will contact you shortly via email to inform you of the final amount.
Setp4. Wire your payment and complete your order.We will release your order as soon as the payment is received.
Note: Please note that CCBC Bookstore will not release purchase items prior to receive of payment.
7.What are my payment options?
You can pay by credit card or telegraphic transfer.
8.How are the shipping charges calculated?
Based on the shipping charge rates of Taiwan’s Chunghwa post office.
9.How do I check the shipment status of my order?
You can Go to online ‘Order Tracking’, send emails to [email protected], or call +886-2-8667-6565*113.Please check your email and trash folder for confirmation email.
10.How long will it take for my order to arrive?
It depends on the locations/countries of the destination. Please feel free to contact us by email for your specific order by email.
11. What about the receipt?
Receipts will be enclosed in the box with purchase items and delivered to the same destination.
12.What if product received is damaged or incorrect?
Please inform us immediately. We will work with you to get things right.