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Author: Editor in Chief ◎ National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center Editorial Committee ◎王文
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Publishing Company: Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 9789570919769
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 Listen to radio dramas, read short stories, and learn Chinese with ease

Touching people's hearts, triggering thinking, high quality content

Planned and edited by authoritative figures in Teaching Chinese in the country - National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center serves as the editor in chief, designed specially for intermediate-level Chinese learners. The complete set of 3 pieces of teaching materials that include a textbook (MP3 audio files), a teacher’s manual, and a student workbook. This book uses radio dramas that feature simple dialogues to help improve listening and speaking skills, and achieve speaking Chinese fluently.

The book contains 12 stories related to the current social environment or phenomenons in Taiwan, written in the form of radio dramas. In addition to listening to the natural dialogues, learners can also use the attached discussion questions to express their opinions and improve Chinese listening and speaking skills. Each lesson unit includes: introductions to the characters in the drama, main text, explanations of the words and expressions plus example sentences, sentence pattern usage, and substitution exercises. In addition, the Mandarin phonetic symbols, Hanyu Pinyin, and the traditional or simplified characters of the new words are listed in the back-of-the-book index to enhance the review and memory effect after classes. The book is accompanied by MP3 audio files of the radio dramas as teaching materials. In addition to the text of the radio dramas, the read-aloud of the radio dramas and listening questions (with student workbook exercises). Readers just have to to scan the QR code on the copyright page at the end of the book to connect and download the files, where they can practice and improve their listening whenever and wherever time along with their reading skills.

This book only lists Chinese explanations and does not provide translations to foreign languages to help strengthen learners' comprehension of Chinese.

About the Author

王文娟 (Senior Instructor, National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center)
楊瑟恩 (Senior Instructor, National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center)



 Features of the Book

 This is a set of teaching materials specially written for intermediate-level Chinese learners.

 The contents of the teaching materials include a textbook (including MP3), a student workbook, and a teacher’s manual.

 The textbook contains a total of 12 short stories related to the current social environment or phenomenons in Taiwan. Learners can improve their listening and speaking skills by learning in the classroom, discussing questions, and presenting their opinions.

 Only Chinese explanations are included in the textbooks, and no foreign language translations are provided to help strengthen Chinese comprehension.

 Specially recorded MP3 audio files are provided as teaching materials to assist in listening practice, so that learners can have the same amount of progress compared to their reading skills.

Learners can practice gradually according to the contents of the teaching materials, learn new words with example sentences and sentence patterns to improve their pragmatic abilities.


 Table of Contents

A Message from the Editor

Lesson 1  A Rose

Lesson 2  A Momentary Slip

Lesson 3  Using Reason to stop Emotion

Lesson 4  Every profession has a Master

Lesson 5  The Many Aspects of Marriage

Lesson 6  Do not seek Unexpected Wealth

Lesson 7  Don't let Chang-e ridicule us for being Filthy

Lesson 8  Respect all of the Elders

Lesson 9  Keeping Both Feet on the Ground

Lesson 10        Between Generations

Lesson 11        The Crossroads of Life

Lesson 12        Spring in a Wheelchair

詞類略語表     Key to Abbreviations

生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Arranged using the stroke order of the new words)

生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Listed using the Pinyin’s alphabetical order of the new words)

生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Arranged using the lesson number)

句型索引 Sentence Patterns Index